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Payroll Outsourcing

Outsourcing benefit:

  • Eliminates payroll administrative burden to focus all employees on core business activities
  • Access to most current payroll software and technology without purchasing new hardware, software or staff training
  • Access to expertise in current Department of Labor, ERISA and other applicable regulatory changes
  • Flexibility for increased or decreased payroll size
  • Ability to integrate with 401(k), flexible-spending/cafeteria plan contributions and distributions
  • Handles all federal, state and local income tax reports, W-2 and W-3 statements and tax compliance
  • Provides increased confidentiality of payroll information, particularly executive compensation

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Any organization with more than 15 employees or desiring increased confidentiality
  • Organizations with specialized payroll needs and limited or no internal payroll expertise available
  • Organizations with 401(k), flexible-spending/cafeteria plan and numerous other payroll-related deductions and reimbursements, such as expense reports
  • Highly regulated industries
  • Organizations seeking to reduce administrative overhead and head count


One of the quickest ways to upset employees is any problem with their paychecks. Yet, only employers know how complicated the calculation of even one pay period can be. No longer simple clerical work, payroll administration requires an awareness of ERISA and labor regulations, comparison with any deductions and reimbursements made, coordination with financial institutions, and integration with a variety of timekeeping systems.

AGH's payroll specialists provide small to very large organizations with a dedicated team focused solely on delivering cost-effective and customer-oriented payroll solutions. The employer provides employee hours to be paid during each period (either from an AGH-provided and supported timekeeping system or an existing one), and AGH handles the rest. From calculating total pay due (including sick leave, vacation or overtime), to deducting retirement plan contributions, health insurance premiums or travel advances to adding reimbursement for expense accounts or flexible-spending plan payments, AGH's payroll system software handles complex payrolls quickly (24-hour turnaround between submission of payroll data and transmission of payroll to a financial institution is possible) and accurately, keeping information archived for future reference.

Employers have tremendous flexibility in timekeeping systems, pay periods, type of payments (electronic or paper), type of deductions and reimbursements, and increases or decreases in payroll size.

While AGH processes the payroll, employers have access to all payroll data online at any time or on paper if desired.