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  • Regain a clear focus on long-term business issues.
  • Renew the motivation and energy needed to achieve important goals and objectives.
  • See a greater return on the investment made in the original strategic plan.
  • Save the costs of creating a new strategic plan from scratch.

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Any organization looking to get its strategic plan back on track


Just because a strategic plan isn’t currently working, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. While some may be tempted to throw out the old strategic plan and start fresh, we believe that renewing your strategic plan (rather than restarting) can be a better option. Many times, there is no need to completely start over – there are just aspects of the strategy and implementation that need to be revised.

Our experienced strategic planning professionals will work with you to analyze your strategic plan and its implementation in order to suggest steps for getting it back on track. Through reviewing your existing plan and interviewing key stakeholders, we can identify the gaps and opportunities to make recommendations, create an action plan for “strategic doing,” and facilitate follow-up and accountability.