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Family Business Solutions

Family businesses are more prevalent and have a stronger impact on the economy than many realize. Family businesses account for, nationwide, 89% of all business income-tax returns and contribute 64% of the gross domestic product.

AGH’s family business group brings a unique blend of strategic facilitation and organizational development skills to bear on what can be a powerful mix of family, finances and business. We help you sort out the personal and family issues that can complicate and distract leadership from making good business decisions – or business pressures that can cause family tensions. Our goal is to help your family business continue to grow, succeed, and transition to the next generation.

What We Offer:

Group Leader

Marjorie Engle

Senior Vice President,
Organizational Development and Family Business Services
Marjorie Engle guides clients and their companies through executive coaching, transition and succession planning, organizational analysis, conflict management, and corporate strategy development. A specialist in assessing and developing family councils, advisory boards and boards of directors, she has extensive experience with family-owned, closely held, and public companies across many industries, as well as with not-for-profit organizations.

Engle serves as associate director of the Kansas Family Business Forum, hosted by Wichita State University’s Center for Entrepreneurship. She holds a certificate in Family Business Advising with Fellow Status from The Family Firm Institute, is a certified coach with Family Business Partners, and a certified Change Leader.
Marjorie Engle
Marjorie Engle